Your Evaluation Comments for the American Humanities Class

Thank you for your comments to the LAF High School Co-op Course Evaluation.  I have found them very helpful.  Maybe you will too!

What did you like best about this class?  I liked learning about all the different art …. I have learned a lot …. The art was very interesting …. Some of the art was really interesting …. Getting to look at pictures ….learning about art …. n/a learning about art…. I like learning about the Sources of Country Music and the assigned reading…. The note-taking helped my writing skills …. Arts and photography …. learning about all of the artists and their work …. Everything …. n/a your mom …. the study of American Art history throughout the 18th Century …. The interesting paintings and learning about their artists ….

Would you change anything about this class? More hands on activities …. No ….There should be less PowerPoint reading …. Maybe not go so fast on the PowerPoint …. n/a ….Something to brighten it up and make it more fun …. Nope …. No, there isn’t anything to change …. That you would go a little bit slower for me to write down all of the information …. Yes, basically most of everything …. The class structure …. No ….

Did you take this class as a core class or as an elective?  Everyone answered “Elective” except two.

Would you recommend taking this class to another student?  All said, “Yes” with one “OK”, one “Maybe” and one “No.”

Please explain your answer.  It was helpful and practical/straightforward …. I would recommend it because its a great experience to learn about art and its history …. Very informative and useful …. The information was interesting …. We didn’t have textbooks, but I did enjoy this class.  No homework …. It is a great way to learn about the artists who affected our country …. This was a good class for someone who understands art …. The pictures and history are amazing…. essential art necessities …. Because I learned some things that I could tell other people about that artist …. I love broccoli more than cheese ….It was a good class for studying American art …. One would thoroughly enjoy art by taking this class ….

Any Additional comments:  Good class 🙂 …. Nope 🙂 You are a great teacher …. Woohoo ! …. Your mom loves broccoli …. I love broccoli more than cheese ….  Mrs. Smith rocks!!! Cheese is good….

Well there you have it – all the comments.  I don’t know where the broccoli and cheese fits in, but I sure like the fact that “Mrs Smith rocks !!!”

I will miss being with you and will pray for you.  Those Seniors who are graduating specifically I pray, “that every plan, purpose and design that God created for you before He created the foundations of the universe be fulfilled in your lives.  May your lives bring many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

Have a wonderful summer! -Mrs. S



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