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N. C. WYETH: Cover Illustration for The Last of the Mohicans, c.1919

The Last of the Mohicans, an American adventure tale by James Fenimore Cooper, became an instant best-seller when it was published in 1826. Its popularity continued, and by 1919, when N. C. Wyeth illustrated a new, deluxe edition of the … Continue reading

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Thomas Cole: View from Mount Holyoke (The Oxbow) c. 1836

Thomas Cole wrote in his “Essay on American Scenery,” “The imagination can scarcely conceive Arcadian vales more lovely or more peaceful than the valley of the Connecticut,” “Its villages are rural places where trees overspread every dwelling, and the fields … Continue reading

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HIRAM POWERS [1805–1873]: Benjamin Franklin, c.1862

At age fifty-three, Hiram Powers was the best-known sculptor in the United States when he contracted to produce this full length, larger-than-life-size marble portrait of Benjamin Franklin for the U.S. Senate. His naturalistic portrait bust of President Andrew Jackson—painted in … Continue reading

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EMANUEL LEUTZE: Washington Crossing the Delaware, c.1851

In Emanuel Leutze’s painting, the commander of the Continental Army against Great Britain stands boldly near the prow of a crowded boat and navigates the treacherous Delaware River on Christmas night, 1776. The Declaration of Independence had been signed earlier … Continue reading

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