Native North American Art

In our first class for the year, we began by studying Native North American Art.   In the Four Corners area of the Southwest, The Anasazi or Pueblo People ( c.1100 – 1960) created the earliest forms of native American pottery.  The Sikyatki or Hopi People (c.1350 – 1700) also created the beautiful natural clay colored and black pots.

The Washoe (Lake Tahoe), Gullah (Former African slaves living in the barrier islands in the Southeast) and Inupiat Indians (Alaska) all created baskets that were woven from materials found where they lived.

Native North American Art

Both the pottery and baskets served as everyday utilitarian objects.  Through the years artisans  adopted the ancient styles and produced them for collectors thus preserving these beautiful art forms for our enjoyment.

Native North American Art  August 23, 2011 PowerPoint Humanities Class

Have a great week. I will be sending an email with the August 30 class worksheet for note taking. Make sure you have made a copy of it for class.   Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday!  -Mrs. S

” Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”  Psalm 119:105


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