Frank Lloyd Wright: Fallingwater, 1935 – 1939

Fallingwater is a man-made dwelling suspended above a waterfall. It offers an imaginative solution to a perennial American problem: how to enjoy a civilized life without intruding upon the natural world.

With Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a house nestled into a mountainside, with views that made the house appear to be part of nature itself.

Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright Architect c. 1935 - 1939

Fallingwater was commissioned by Edgar J. Kaufmann, founder of a prominent Pittsburgh department store. To escape the pressures of business, Kaufmann and his family regularly left the city for their sixty-acre woodland retreat in the Allegheny Mountains. Kaufmann undoubtedly envisioned a house overlooking the most outstanding feature of the property, a mountain stream cascading over dramatically projecting slabs of stone. Wright believed that a country home should become part of the landscape. Perched over a waterfall on Bear Run in the western Pennsylvania highlands, the rural retreat has also been called the fullest realization of Wright’s lifelong ideal of a living place completely at one with nature.

The house is a marvel of twentieth-century technology.  Although it proved impractical for all sorts of reasons, it was the architect’s (if not the client’s) dream house, and Wright would not permit a single alteration to his plan.

Fallingwater is a piece of contemporary abstract art of the twentieth century. It’s been simplified into basic, essential shapes without added ornamentation. Every element of the architecture is meant to blur the distinction between the natural and built environments, and to integrate the residents into the out-of-doors.

Most of our class agreed that they would like to live at Fallingwaters.

March 29, 2011 PowerPoint Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater

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