Louis Comfort Tiffany: Autumn Landscape, The River of Life c. 1923 – 1924


Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of the founder of the New York City jewelry store that still bears the family name, took no interest in his father’s business.  Instead, he trained as a painter in Paris, and upon returning to New York decided to channel his talents into the decorative arts. He became interested in glass making from about 1875 and worked at several glasshouses in Brooklyn between then and 1878.

In 1879, he joined other artists to form Louis Comfort Tiffany and Associated American Artists. Tiffany’s leadership and talent, as well as by his father’s money and connections, led this business to thrive.  Tiffany declared, ” I believe there is more in it than in painting pictures.”

He  is the American artist most associated with the Art Nouveau meaning  “New Art.” This period primarily lasted between 1890 – 1905 and was a reaction to academic art of the 19th century.  It is characterized by organic, especially floral and other plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly stylized, flowing curvilinear forms.

Tiffany’s desire to concentrate on art in glass led to the breakup of the firm in 1885.  He established his own glass making firm that same year.  The first Tiffany Glass Company was incorporated December 1, 1885 and in 1902 became known as the Tiffany Studios.

In the late nineteenth century, America was experiencing a revival, owing to the large number of churches under construction in prospering American cities. Tiffany was commissioned to design many of the stained glass that was being built in the new churches. Gradually, stained glass made its way into secular settings, with biblical subjects giving way to naturalistic motifs and woodland themes.  These luminous windows worked like landscape paintings to introduce a sense of natural beauty into an urban home.

Autum Landscape - River of Life by Louis Comfort Tiffany c. 1923 - 1924

To learn more about Louis Comfort Tiffany and his works view the our March 22, 2011  class’s PowerPoint.

Louis Comfort Tiffany The River of Life PowerPoint presentation.    Mrs. S

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